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3 free online games that helps keep my mind from worrying

Who loves playing online games here?

Just recently I was invited to attend an online event launching the biggest e-sports tournament in the Philippines.  The pot money was 2 million pesos for each of the three popular online games in the world today.  My mind drifted off while the event was happening because I really can’t relate.  I have no patience for long and serious gaming where a lot gets drowned in for hours and hours at home.

Don’t get me wrong though I do play some online games, most of them are free that you don’t need to dedicate a lot of time and my only opponent is myself (or the computer for that matter).

Just like myself, a lot of people now are staying at home and trying to get their minds off things.  That’s what I wanted a game that I can relax to and come back to anytime without worrying about ranking or anything.  That adds a lot more to stress if I join a competitive game with a lot of people involved.  Yeah I know, even with the games I play, I practice social distancing, A real loner or lone wolf as someones say I am.

Anyway, here are some of the free online games I like to play and why:

Project Makeover.

It’s a free app that was suggested to me one time I was editing a photo.  I downloaded it and enjoyed it a lot.  It’s a Makeover game where you to makeover someone who badly needed it.  It’s a total look change including clothes, hair, makeup, shoes, and even the place they live or work,  It’s like a Queer Makeover game.

free online games project makeover

I like this game because it challenges my style and fashion taste by deciding which hair or clothes to put on the person.  And it also makes me an instant interior decorator when I decide which drapes or furniture to put in a space.  This somehow is kind of the popular thing happening on FB groups lately where one shows their place and asks for suggestions and recommendations on how to improve their space.

I had two other Interior decorating game apps on my phones actually.  I enjoy feeling like an interior decorator.  It’s one of my childhood dream job.

Random online games at

As soon as I ran out of life or virtual money to play with from the games I mentioned above.  I visit for random free online games that are easy and fun to play.  I do this when I am still not ready to go back to work or face my household chores yet.

The games they have are browser-based and you can pick from arcade games to a cat or zombie games, whatever theme you fancy. If you visit the site, there are hundreds of free online games to play with.  Some of them are actually very retro-looking ones that made me feel nostalgic because they look so similar to the old computer games I played as a child.

free online games


I love playing this game and I can play it for hours!   It is so similar to that famous Tetris / Brick game in the 90s?  Haha!  You can pick what kind of gadget you are using if mobile or PC.


It’s a bubble shooter game thing. It’s one of that pop-the-balloons kind of game where when you get three of the same kind at a time it pops.  Level of difficulty changes as you go further and further into the game.  It’s a simple strategy game that the faster you pop the balls the higher your score goes.  I also like the cute dinosaur carrying the balls.  There’s a pointer kind of thing also that can tell you where your ball will go when releasing it.


This is so funny. It’s like Pac-Man but not.  I was never really good at Pac-Man as a kid.  I always got eaten by the ghosts.  Pack Rat has a rat of course and a couple of cats chasing after you.  Instead of power balls, you eat cheeses and of course as usual don’t get eaten by the cats.

All the games at have easy loading graphics and you can play by just using your mouse or arrow keys.

Shopee Candy

I play it because of the Shopee coins I want to earn.  you know shopaholic!


How about you, what are the online games you play to keep your mind from worry and why?