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Eco-Friendly Gift-Giving: 4 Ways to Share Gifts as Sustainably as Possible

When you need to purchase gifts for your children or their friends for their birthday celebrations the task of sticking to your sustainability pledge can quickly become difficult. We all need to do more to help sustain our planet and to reduce our carbon footprints, but just because you need to buy a gift for a young family member or your own children, doesn’t mean this has to go out the window.

By choosing sustainable gifts and an eco-friendly approach to gift-giving, you’ll be able to continue to do your bit for the planet, all year round. Whether you’re buying gifts for 5 year old boys, Christmas presents for your nieces and nephews or a birthday present for your 10 year old’s best friend, read on to discover 4 ways to share gifts as sustainably as possible.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Buy Second Hand

When it comes to buying gifts for children or friends and family, it’s easy to think that buying new is the only option. However, buying second hand will not only help you save the planet but also save the cash in your wallet. Re-using gifts is the perfect way to reduce your spending budget, whether you’re handing down gifts that your children once loved to your nieces and nephews, to buying second-hand electronics to surprise your friends, there are plenty of second-hand options out there.

Choose Gifts with a Long-Life

If you don’t want to buy second hand, then that’s fine. Instead of extending the life of a particular item, why not purchase something that is built to stand the test of time? Children’s toys in particular – especially those made of plastic – don’t always have the longest life, which results in items heading to landfill and harming the planet. Choosing gifts with a longer life, such as wooden toys, building blocks, Legos, even musical instruments or sustainable clothing can keep items out of landfill and be appreciated for longer.

Reuse Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is incredibly wasteful, we use it to give gifts the element of surprise and then it’s discarded and sent to the dump. Instead of buying new (and expensive) rolls of wrapping paper for every occasion, consider preserving these scraps of paper and reusing them for later in the year. This approach minimises waste and saves you money in the process.

If you don’t like the idea of keeping a bin bag of old wrapping paper scraps at home, then purchase recyclable paper instead such as classic brown paper tied with string rather than sticky tape. Avoid laminated-style paper, embellishments, glitter or high quantities of plastic.  

And finally,

Shop Like an Eco-Warrior

Shopping locally is a simple yet effective way to boost your local high street and do your bit for the planet by purchasing items that haven’t travelled thousands of miles. Take your bag for life with you, and your reusable coffee cup so you can enjoy a drink on the go. If you want to shop online for your gifts, then consider collecting your order, rather than having it delivered.