fool-proof Maybelline

3 of the Best Fool-Proof Maybelline Products You Can Wear Under A Mask this Pandemic

I am sure you are all excited to go out again and live as free as you used to be before we were held prisoners in our own homes because of the pandemic.

However, in spite of our enthusiasm to be just the way we were it is impossible.  There will always be doubts at the back of our minds are we safe or not.  So we should follow minimum safety protocols especially wearing face shield and face mask when in public places.

Because of that, no matter how nice your makeup will be, it will be useless if you use the wrong kind of make-up that can easily rub-off your face and transfer onto your face shield and face mask.

Well, here are 3 fool-proof Maybelline products you can wear even under a mask and it will stay put and leave you looking put together and stress free!

 Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipstick

fool-proof Maybelline

IMO, this is Maybelline best lippie product to date.  It has been around for year even before the pandemic and I have been using them since they were launched.  This year they launched their Spiced Collection series and I was able to try out two of the new shades Hustler and Discover.

While the shade kinda like in the same family one is a little orangey and the other is on the berry side

What i like about these lippies is they don’t transfer onto the mask and will stays on for hours !  It is also non-drying albeit the matte finish so it keeps your lips soft and supple after use !


Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

fool-proof Maybelline

This is another Maybelline makeup product I can vouch for.  I also have been using this pre-covid and I love the velvety soft and smooth finish.  If you get your perfect shade it will look like your real skin except way much flawless because it hides and smoothens all your flaws and blemishes.  I also love wearing foundation because it adds protection on your skin from the sun and other external factors.


Maybelline  Hypercurl 36 Hour Waterproof Mascara

This is one of the best fool-proof Maybelline product ever in my book.  I have been using this for as long as I can remember.  I love how it makes my lashes longer , gives my lashes more volume and with that flirty curve.    This is also best for the time of pandemic makeup because it is waterproof  , so even if you sweat under your mask or face shiled , it stays on and it won’t bleed !


I just replenished my fool-proof Maybelline products stash recently using the website .  I love shopping at their website because they have this Virtual Make-up try-on that you can actually see yourself wearing the make-up product and shade without having to go to the actual store to try it out.   It is so convenient and very safe.  Just make sure to have good lighting when you use the virtual try-on so you can see the best result and color for you.

It accurately got my new skin shade of Maybelline Fit Me , yes from 235 I am now 220 because you know I only went out 4 times so far  this year twice was for getting my vaccine , 3rd was my mom’s birthday (we met at an al fresco dining at a mall) and 4th was when one of the family cats died.

Anyway, make sure to add-to-cart these fool-proof Maybelline products on your shopping cart for the Holidays I am sure you won’t regret it.  Visit the Maybelline official store on Shopee or their online website for the virtual try-on.