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Event Organizing for First-Timers: A Step-by-Step Guide

If event organizing is something you’d like to do for a living, here are some tips.

When you’re hosting an event, the best thing you can do is plan as carefully as possible and invest your time into ensuring it’s a success. Although this can take some time and may even be exhausting, in the end, it’ll be worth it to ensure you create the best one possible. 

These are the steps to building the event of your dreams and why planning matters!

Create The Event’s Goal

The goal of your event should be something simple based on the need of either you or whomever you’re planning the event for. For example, if this is a birthday party, the goal is to celebrate the person!


If this is a corporate event, the dream may be to celebrate another successful quarter. Pay attention to your event’s goals and create one that people will be excited to visit and stay for!

Make a Budget 

The event’s budget will decide how much entertainment, food, and other things you can afford. For instance, if you want to hire Amy Miller, comedian extraordinaire, you should have it in your budget that you will hire her.


Unfortunately, there will need to be a cap, so if you’re planning this event for a company, or you’re using your own money, set a limit so that you don’t break the bank while trying to design something amazing. An event can be planned on nearly any budget, but you must pick one and stick to it.

Decide on a Venue

Your venue is the location where you’ll want to throw the event, so pick one that works with how many people are attending, what type of event it is, and what kind of entertainment you chose.  

Your venue can feel fancy, like renting out a gorgeous garden to host in, or it can be beautiful like a giant banquet hall. Consider what type of event you’re holding, how much you can afford, and how far people would have to travel to get to this location.

Plan The Program and Entertainment

Plan what’s going to happen throughout the event! For example, who’s going to talk when, what entertainment is going to happen, how long is the event going to last, and when should people arrive!

These are important things to think about since it all affects who will come and decide they’re not interested.

Send Out Invitations To Guests

Make sure your invitations are eye-catching, fun, and clear on intent, date, and time. Let people know if they have to RSVP, and if they’re allowed to bring a guest.

It can take time to plan something like this, and people appreciate a heads-up, so try to send out invitations at least a couple of months out.

Host the Event!

The best part: hosting! As long as you’ve carefully planned every aspect of this event, there’s no chance that this will be anything other than a major success.

Be helpful if anyone has any questions and be flexible if anything goes wrong.

Your First Event Doesn’t Have to be a Flop!

Although many assume that your first event will always be the worst: that’s not necessarily true! If you work hard and give yourself the time you need, you can create something that will stun everyone who attends.


By the way here is my parents Epic wedding more than 50 years ago, when event organizing wasn’t even a thing.