Havaianas Sakura Collection 2023: BLOOM IN YOUR OWN WAY

Havaianas Sakura Collection 2023: BLOOM IN YOUR OWN WAY

Havaianas is beginning this season with an ode to spring by launching their limited edition Sakura 2023 collection across 13 markets in APAC including Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and more. Echoing the brand’s vision of living a free life, the new collection aims to empower those wearing the designs to express their uniqueness and bloom in their own way.

The collection introduces three new beautiful designs – Slim Sakura, You St Tropez Sakura and Flash Urban Sakura – each fit for different occasions and personalities, allowing everyone to embrace their true self.

“For the third year in a row, we are introducing our campaign to mark the beginning of spring and capture the essence of Sakura, by bringing together the beauty of Japan and the magic of pink petals,” said Danielle Panissa, Havaianas APAC Brand and Product Director.

“This year’s campaign BLOOM IN YOUR OWN WAY aligns with our brand motto of ‘designed for a free life’ as we hope that wearing the new limited collection will encourage people to live every moment to the fullest, and with the confidence to pursue their dreams.”

A Fresh Start that Encourages Expressing your Uniqueness

The Sakura 2023 collection conveys the spirit of renewal in spring and the idea of refreshing your footwear as we move towards the summer. Sakura also tells the story of ‘life is short but beautiful’, and this limitededition is a reminder of how to live your best life and feel liberated while pursuing your passions. Like how each Sakura flower is one-of-its-kind and blooms in different directions, this collection was designed to encourage everyone to embrace their uniqueness, own their narrative, and bloom alongside peers.

You St Tropez Sakura worn by Candela Contrera, a professional model who is often travelling and on-thego, is best suited for the busy city girl who is always working towards her personal and professional goals. Featuring a fabric bow and graceful Sakura prints, the slip-on design is the ideal choice to match the chic and fast-paced city lifestyle that empowers the wearer to be their best self.

The Flash Urban Sakura’s sandal style with straps around the ankle and delicate Sakura pins on the front, is designed to help Hara Sung, a university student who loves capturing every bit of life with her camera, on her mission to discover new exciting adventures. This style keeps curiosity at its heart and helps one to explore their surroundings as well as their inner beauty, and helps them express themselves more freely.

The collection is available in all participating stores across Asia Pacific and they will also be furnished with cherry blossom decorations to celebrate the union of the affective memory of Japan with Brazilians.

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