4 reasons why you should start your LPG Biz with Solane LPG

4 reasons why you should start your LPG Biz with Solane LPG

More and more Filipinos are resorting to alternative sources of income in addition to their regular occupations to deal with the rising expenses of basic necessities, including taking on additional jobs, side “gigs,” and starting their own small businesses.

According to a 2022 national study by OCTA Research, four out of five Filipinos are interested in starting their own business because they want to control their own schedule, make money every day, and work from anywhere.

Even while the desire for financial independence is constant, getting started has always been difficult. Finding your own consumers can be nearly hard, but there are a lot of extremely common small business ideas that can be overwhelming. But have you ever thought of your LPG tank, a common household item, as a possible source of income?

Here are some of the reasons why you should explore being an LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) business partner:

  • Small startup capital with stable passive income

Starting your own business venture is daunting not only due to significant costs but the lengthy process of building a brand. Being an LPG distributor or retailer offers you a business opportunity with under a million pesos without having to go through the rigorous process of making your own product.

Solane LPG, one of the trusted LPG brands in the country, offers a retailer package for as low as PHP 24,000, which already includes eight 11kg LPG cylinders, six 1.4kg LPG cylinders, store branding, training certificate and License to Operate permit. A package worth PHP 250,000 includes an assortment of 70 LPG cylinders, a motorcycle vehicle, a weighing scale, rental subsidy and staff uniform, on top of the LTO permit and training certificate.

  • LPG as an essential product

Like water and food, LPG is a basic product used for various kitchen tasks such as cooking rice, preparing viands, baking and heating water. LPG is a staple kitchen fuel in Filipino homes due to its reliability, efficiency and economical cost, which means you can be sure that there will always be a steady demand for your product.

LPG demand has remained relatively stable even during the pandemic and will continue to have a market despite changes in the economy.

  • Huge LPG demand in local municipalities

LPG is still one of the primary kitchen fuels in 40% of the households in Philippines. Consumers usually prefer to purchase through neighborhood channels, such as retailers, nearby sari-sari stores and other neighborhood sellers. Investing in an LPG business that will serve your community and even neighboring municipalities will provide you with a steady customer base.

Solane’s nationwide distribution system consists of more than 50 distributors and approximately 10,000 points of sale located in different parts of the Philippines. With 13 LPG refilling plants nationwide and LPG logistics using tech-advanced and safe lorries, you are also guaranteed to efficiently get LPG supply wherever you choose to put up your Solane LPG business.


  • Help prevent LPG-related fires in the community

Because of the high demand for LPG, there are malicious individuals who resort to unsafe and unfair LPG trade practices, leading to the rampant spread of unregulated LPG products at risk of exploding or causing massive fires.

By becoming an authorized LPG distributor in your area, you provide access to safe and trusted quality kitchen fuel. On top of securing your family’s future by having a passive income, you also get to secure the safety of your family’s hard-earned property by helping prevent LPG-related fires caused by substandard and illegal LPG products in your community.


Being a verified Solane LPG distributor or retailer guarantees that you only sell safe and quality LPG products that are compliant with government standards. With over 5 decades of experience and expertise in the LPG industry, Solane offers stringent safety and quality measures, such as regular cylinder maintenance and the exclusive 7-Point Safety Check, which will provide your potential customers with peace of mind. Solane LPG’s world-class team of certified technical engineers and trained dealer technicians are also ready to work with you in ensuring topnotch LPG quality and seamless distribution of LPG products.

Interested Solane LPG business partners may download the Solane Application form on the Solane website (https://solane.com.ph/partner-details/), fill it out and submit it via email to solanesales@islagrp.com. A business assessment will then be conducted, where interested business partners will meet with a Solane LPG representative to discuss the business proposal and undergo assessment.

Want to know more about being a Solane LPG business partner? You may also reach out through Solane LPG’s official Facebook Messenger (https://m.me/solane.ph), text hotline: 0918-887-5555 (Smart) / 0917 8977555 (Globe), or hotline number: (02) 8887-5555.

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