My daughter is invited to another birthday party on Sunday and it’s another costume party. It was a short noticed invitation so I think my daughter will come as a queen, one of her costumes from 2 years ago that her Aunt Olay gave for her birthday. I think theContinue Reading

Undergarments, particularly the brassiere is one of the most delicate piece we have to take care properly to retain their shape. T-shirt bras are my favorite, compared to the laced ones because it looks good in any clothes and doesn’t give a flawless silhouette.  One of the hassles of travelingContinue Reading

I found an awesome Adidas Philippine jacket online and I immediately contacted the seller.  I was surprised by the selection the seller gave me would I want the original or the replica?  I was shocked. If you want to buy good imitation settle for the replica.  I don’t feel comfortableContinue Reading

There’s something enchanting about handcrafted jewelry aside from it being a lovely accessory you know its made from the heart. I find the Archmaille Designs jewelry nice and simple something a minimalist like me would love. I love the Copper Jewelry and the Magnetic Jewelry collection it’s so bohemian butContinue Reading

S is for Shoes, S is ABC Wednesday Round 3 letter for the week! What’s a girl without her shoes? I don’t know but if that girl is me I would be a sad sulky girl. I stock-up on shoes because of my super small size. I would be luckyContinue Reading

This is colorful:So is this one:I love how my daughter look so pretty with her Snow White costume! She indeed gave justice to this character! This is my entry for the post Halloween costume contest back at An Island Life. But, who says an all sexy black party can’t beContinue Reading