scented candles

Choosing the right scents or scented candles for your home may change your mood and promote wellness. Consider getting these seven scents for your space.   A clean and well-decorated home is vital to our wellness. Add the right scent, and you can have your very own spa or aromatherapyContinue Reading

scented candles at home

 Instead of throwing away your leftover candle wax, reuse them through these five ways. You’ll save money and the environment. Candles have been used for emergency and aesthetic purposes for centuries. Before electricity was introduced, candles lit homes and made the evening look like day. They also provided heat forContinue Reading

biodegradable paclaged toilet bowl cleaner and fabcon

I have a penchant for environmentally friendly products.  So when I heard that Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc. (PCDSI)  launched biodegradable packaging on their flagship products I got excited.  Another bonus is that this company is a Filipino-owned company. Being at home all the time during the pandemic we allContinue Reading