4 Decors For A More Special Wedding Cake

Planning a wedding and making sure everything goes perfect is like managing a major construction or business project. You need to deal with many things to make sure that everything goes smoothly, and that the couple and their guests would have such a memorable experience. Typically, the wedding planner, who is sometimes the wedding couple […]

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How to Make Bike Riding a Workout

Going for a bike ride is a way to get exercise and enjoy the natural world. Cycling can also be a great outlet for amping up your fitness routine and making a solid workout part of your daily routine. Once you develop a consistent routine, you’ll be able to burn 300-400 calories on a moderate […]

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How to Curate Your Own Capsule Wardrobe

Curate Your Capsule Wardrobe

When you live in a small space like a condo unit , space is everything.  You have to strategically plan everything you put in there.,  One of my biggest challenge is my bedroom and wardrobe.  Everything gets cramped in one space that I can’t hardly breathe sometimes because I own too many things.  This is […]

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