I got a kitty!

Yay! A cute kitten knocked from outside our gate calling us 🙂 Mom and I got out quickly because we really want cats in our home. Just a few days ago we lost two of the last nine cats we have, Darna died, out theory was she ate some of the rat poison, then Siopao […]


2007 Xmas Observations

December 16, 2007, three in the morning, 15 minutes earlier I heard some group of teenagers passing by our house with excitement, no wonder it is the first day of the traditional midnight mass, I ever so religiously attend few years back before Anastacia was born. How I wish I could finish the nine days/nights/early […]


About Earthlingorgeous.com

Earthlingorgeous.com is a web-magazine talking about parenting, relationships, fashion and lifestyle, news, events, entertainment promotions and reviews. This blog is dedicated for women empowerment. If you want to be featured here or have your events published feel free to contact me at earthlingorgeous (at) earthlingorgeous.com or mearthcedes (at) yahoo.com. There is always three sides of […]

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