My #WeAre7107 International Music Festival Experience

UPDATE: 7107 is a huge success. There’s an estimate of 12,000 who attended and had the time of their life. It was definitely an experience I will not forget for 5 reasons I will state at the end of this post.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new photos I have included in the post and my videos and photos of Red Hot Chili Peppers on a separate post here..

I love SpongeCola! I am surprised they made him perform at rhe second stage! That was not right!

SpongeCola at 7107 International Music FestivalSpongeCola at 7107 International Music Festival
Sponge Cola at 7107
Up Dharma Down!
Sponge Cola at 7107
7107IMF photos
7107 Imternational music fest performances photos

Red Jumpsuit Appararus
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus at 7107 International Music FestivalRed Jumpsuit Apparatus at 7107

Empire of the Sun
Empire of the Sun at 7107 International Music Festival

Empire of the Sun at 7107

Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar at 7107 international music festival

kendrick lamar ask audience to light up their phones for ADhD advocacy at 7107

Day 2 at 7107 IMF

I’m here at Clark Field Pampangga for the 7107 International Music Festival as I write this one. Today is the second day and the most awaited of all because the Red Hot Chili Peppers is performing. They still have notbperformed at the moment they will midnight. For now let me just share a photo I took while the Itchyworms are performing, amazing set I must say even if the sun was directly shinning upon us! Deadma sa sunburn!

itchyworms at #weare7107
Here’s people and friends I bumped into and friends I went to the show with. Thanks Fleishmann Hillard !

daniel matsunaga,victor silayan, trxie reyna, earth rullan at 7107 music fest
#weare7107 international music festivalfriends at 7107Earth Rullan at 7107 International Music Festival
I will post some more soon! Enjoy muna me! Haha! Thanks Smart for the free wi-fi!

What I think of 7107

  • The venue selection was great. Spacious and production was amazing. They did not go easy with the budget when it comes to setting up the stage, the “fair” area, food concessionaire area, portalets everywhere that doesn’t stink, very prominent security details, media and guest areas was good, there’s charging , working and lounging area for the media and food was provided. Good job.
  • The media was complaining about the interview opportunity. There was supposedly interview time for the bands,they even asked which bands do we like to interview, but unfortunately there was miscoordination with the bands publicist, event organizers, and the event PR so no interview or presscon happened and media was instructed for a guerilla kind of coverage meaning “kanya kanyang diskarte nalang” which is not good.
  • No liquior was allowedn to be brought in side but you can buy in the area.
  • When inside the area you can do anything you want and wear whatever you want or not wear anything at all haha.
  • Hmmm as soon as the sun went down people got more liberated and well there was a lot of people smoking pot in the area.  The wind blew some my way so everybody was really on a high that epic night.
  • I appreciate that no reports of harassment or anyone trying to grope anybody’s butts or boobs. Geez the place was packed everyone was skin to skin yet everyone remained well mannered.  The people in the area I was able to squeeze into a few meters away from the main stage in the middle was from Australia, Guam and Europe. They all flew in just to watch the concert!
  • Great job 7107 you put the country on the map as a great venue for international concerts/ music festival and itbis super safe and organized! Except I can’t understand why some people were able to slip in drugs like marijuana and liquior in flask.  They allowed pots and drinks But they won’t allow our water cookies and chocolates inside buti nalang free food and drinks for the media haha. Kudos and more concerts like this in the future!

For more #Weare7107 photos visit my flickr account:

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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