I admit I sucked poorly in the patience arena. I can’t help to be a little envious of little successes my friends or any people I know, especially when they get things they dreamt of. How I wish I get mine too. Envy is such an evil thing; it makesContinue Reading

Crazy 8 Detter from Dance of Motherhood tagged me with The Crazy Eights, it’s all about listing down 8 crazy/random things about yourself, so here you go: 1) I like Milo sandwich, yup that chocolate powdered malt drink and put it on a bun and make a sandwich out ofContinue Reading

(Tribute to Moms: 2nd of Three Parts) All mothers are working mothers. When you become a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts and decisions. A mother always has to think twice, one for herself and once for her child. Office-working-moms are all too aware of the mixtureContinue Reading

My older sis Olay. Watch out for her and Beware! She gonna kick ass in Microsoft Dubai! Waaaaaaaah! All her bags are packed and she’s ready to go. I took a pic of her today while doing her last recipe for us before she leaves, Minestrone. Even though we driveContinue Reading

Yipee! Sex and the City Movie will be showing soon in theaters near me! Can’t wait! I love them, I love the show so much. The shoes, the clothes, the talks and the girls.*** Okay, another fearless forecast on American Idol Season 7. Atrocious was the right word, Simon justContinue Reading