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SONA 2014 Fashion Showcase of Filipiniana Gowns and Statement Attire

While everyone are waiting for what lies will be told, I patiently waited for what the country leaders wives, sisters, and female lawmakers are wearing. My SONA Fashion Showcase post dates back in 2008 when GMA was still the president and my story about the fashion scene at the Batasang Pambansa was picked up by […]


Philippine SONA 2012 Fashion Showcase

As usual here I am.again to give you the fashion updates on what our Philippine lady legislators wore during the Philippine President Benigno Sineone “Nonoy” Aquino III State of the Nation Address SONA 2012. Pres. BS Aquino’s 3rd SONA Address. I am much fascinated by the Filipiniana gowns and Filipiniana dresses and how our lady […]

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Modernized Filipina Dresses @ Metrowear Filipina

Last June 30, Metro Magazine gathered together top designers of the Philippines to put up together a Filipiniana themed fashion show at Sofitel Hotel in Manila. The show, dubbed as Metrowear Filipiniana, was held in honor of the country’s 113th year of Indenpence where designers are challenged to put on the runway their interpretations of the […]

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