SONA 2015 Fashion Showcase

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SONA 2015 Fashion Showcase

It has been my blogs tradition since I started to post about what our Filipino legislators wore during the President of the Philippines State of the Nation Address (SONA). I do it because I rather look at what the people wear than listen to all the lies and the blaming game this B. S. Aquino a.k.a. PNoy will say. He can lie all he want, he can take credit for the hard work all the ordinary Filipino is doing but we all know he is a joke of a president.

Plus we only see a Glamorous showcase of Filipiniana gowns and dresses once a year. I like to give tribute and show the world what the Philippine National Clothes look like before everyone forgets.

That said let’s look at what they wore today:

The lady Senators:

#SONA2015 #SONAfashionshow
Up close the Pinay favorite Sen. Nancy Bina in a classier safer cut and color Filipina na dress

#SONA2015 Sen Nancy Bina #SONAfashionshow
Sen. Loren Lagarde. I dunno what she’s wearing looks like a Pina Placemat/table runner.

#SONA2015 #SONAfashionshow Loren Legarda
Sen Piandre Cadet ano in a dark blue Filipiniana gown, very classy!

#SONA2015 #SONAfashionshow Piandre Cayetano
Sen Chiz Escudero with wife Heart Evangelista wearing a beautiful white Patadjong


#SONA2015 #SONAfashionshow Heart Evangelista
Bam Aquino with wife

#SONA2015 #SONAfashionshow Bam Aquino
Dawn Zulueta with husband Cong.

#SONA2015 #SONAfashionshow Dawn Zulueta
And of course The PNoY Administration Cabinet Members

#SONA2015 #SONAfashionshow
Jinkee Pacquiao

#SONA2015 #SONAfashionshow Jinkee Pacquiao

Lucy Torres Gomez, Richard Gomez and daughter

#SONA2015 #SONAfashionshow Lucy Torres Gomez

Kris Aquino,  Bimby and Josh

#SONA2015 #SONAfashionshow Kris Aquino


The SONA 2015 lasted for 2 1/2 hours with Aquino saying his Thank You speech to his entire Cabinet Members except VP Binay. He did not even mention the fallen men of the Mamasapano incident the fallen 44 of SAF.  No mention of the solution to the MRT problem and what he is doing about the Scarborough shore rift with China.   It was all praise release.  It is his last thank goodness.  


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