Soft Spot

I turned the TV on saw a feature about an 82 year old man walking more than two hours to get to Ortigas Center in Pasig City to find a job even for a day as a janitor, messenger or anything. He came from Cavite south of Metro Manila. He can only afford to take a bus to Baclaran, Pasay City, so he walks his way to Pasig. I can’t imagine me doing that especially in the smoggy streets of Metro Manila, but he, who should be resting with his old age braced it all just to look for a job. But since he is old nobody wants him to work.

He retired from his office job 15 years ago but because he can see that his pension is not enough to sustain the needs of his family, especially with his wife needing an eye operation to prevent her getting blind, he is insistent and persistent in finding a job at his age. Luckily, someone had their eye on him and helped him and now he works at the local city hall where he lives as a clerk. Imagine at his age. He looks healthy and happy despite his previous situation, now he is more happier and healthier and his wife got her eye operation and his daughter is now back to school.

I’m glad with what happened to him. I was watching with heavy heart while his story was on and during the commercial break before they highlighted the good fortune that he received, my eyes were misty and I feel a lump on my throat, I cried. I can’t take stories like that, about old people being alone or struggling.

I wish they did the same to the other old man 76 years old the same TV channel featured months ago. He had the saddest situation I have ever seen in my entire life. To be able to feed himself and get 40 pesos a day he transformed himself as a male prostitute serving those conscienceless gay and alike who frequents a slut movie house. My God, he is an old man, how could they bear an old man service them! Old people should live comfortably, I believe, or at least treated with respect.
When I get old, I wish I won’t be in a dire situation. I wish to be loved and cared for or at least die not being a burden to those I will leave behind.


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