Eight and Nine

Resolution # 8 Be More Humble
It’s not that I am a very proud person but I’m full of pride I think. Or I always think I can handle everything on my own and I don’t need help from everyone. Maybe this time I need to admit that I am not superwoman that I am self-sufficient. That I should be able to ask help when I need it and not too arrogant to think that I deserve everything that should be given to me and I don’t need to ask for it. I shouldn’t be too overconfident to believe that other people can sense what I need and want. Does that make sense?

Resolution # 9 Quit Negativity
There is always two sides, the good and the bad. It’s not that I am being too optimistic to anticipate or prepare for the bad but today is another day and past is past. Instead of seeing the dark, I should look more for the light. Instead of concentrating on what’s irritating, I should concentrate more on what makes me happy.

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