In 2007

1) I’m getting older…wiser?
2) Patience is a virtue
3) Net at home has its pro’s and con’s but more on the advantages
4) Being a full time mom is harder than being a working mom
5) Love is forgiving and tolerant
6) Family will always be with you and take you as you are no matter what
7) I love to cook and eat what I cook
8) Negativity rubs don’t let it rub too long makes you ugly
9) We can’t live without pets – the last generation of our cats 16 years ago died
10) I’m so impulsive and short-tempered
11) Photographs are priceless
12) My life is not mine
13) Never assume, it makes an ass of u and me
14) Small gestures of kindness goes a long way
15) People can never get enough of appreciation
16) One can never stop learning
17) Nobody’s perfect
18) Today is another day
19) Money is a necessity, you have more you are more happy, you have less you get depressed
20) Happiness is a state of mind
21) Stubborn is as stubborn gets
22) You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, you just have to learn acceptance
23) It’s not them it’s you!
24) I am beautiful no matter what they say words can’t bring me down (sometimes it does but not always! Hah!)
25) If I am crazy so are you!
26) Love is a wonderful thing
27) The best things in life are free
28) It doesn’t hurt to take a break sometimes
29) I still can’t get that fat!

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  1. sabi nga ng sis ko na first time, mas gusto pa daw nya mag work kesa mag stay at home, para naman sa akin parang di keri ang mag work, I was born to ba SAHM

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