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An Evening With Side-A at the Hard Rock

Finally I got to celebrate my 30th! It was not what I planned but it turned out better than I expected. It was a night with my most favorite Filipino band Side-A who has been in the music industry for almost two decades now.
I met them less than 6 years ago for their 11th year anniversary or decade (memory gap excuse me!) The magazine I was working for made a feature about them and we just had a blast with them before the show while watching their show.

Side-A 6 years ago. Joey Benin was still with them, the man who was responsible for my all-time Side-A song FOREVERMORE, he wrote that song for his gf but now wife to propose and well the magic of that song still lingers as it still touch the hearts of all it’s listener. Joey Benin was replaced by Lee Von Cailao.
This is my cousin Allan, the only one I invited who was able to make it for the show, the rest that I invited, my highschool friends couldn’t because they are tied to their duties and responsibilities as a house wife, which I do not blame them, I understand their predicament. The other friends I invited had work, night jobs so they didn’t make it and the others I invited the last minute ofcourse declined because of the immediate invitation without prior notice! Hahahahaha! Anyways! A company of a good friend and relative is enough to make my night. Especially the company of my favorite band! Sigh (still in the dreamy mode!)

Joey Generoso enchanting voice and talent!

Ernie Severino on drums

Lee Von lead guitarist

Me! A happy camper after the show who didn’t even notice I broke my avant-garden necklace because of 6 bottles of San Mig light and a cocktail drink that taste like cough syrup that I already forgot the name (it’s something rocket whatever!)
Oh dinner was served with the Sugarfree and Hale gosh it’s a night filled with great bands!
Thank you for my sponsor for my birthday celebration and for my vest and skinny jeans from Freeway and Jag for my skinny jeans. Thank you so much for making this night wonderful, I wish you were there with me so you can hear the song FOREVER, the last song they sang last night, and maybe dance with me in that corner haha! ILY! IMU lots and lots and lots!
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