I’ll give them this Holy Week

I got an e-mail from the Customer Service of my internet service provider:

Dear Ms. ——,

Thank you for giving us feedback regarding your SMART Bro subscription.

We have relayed the situation to our support group for prompt handling.
Service Request (SR) No. 209697731 will serve as reference for the
action we initiated. You shall be contacted by one of our authorized
representatives for the required technical assistance. Please be assured
that we remain committed to our obligation of ensuring reliable service to
the satisfaction of our subscribers. We shall be doing necessary
measures to meet your expectations on our service.

Meanwhile, we would like to extend our apologies for the inconvenience
being caused by the irregularity with your connection. We will
appreciate your patience as remedial efforts are being exerted.


Rochell Briones
Customer Care

Ok since it’s Holy Week I will give them again this week before they actually call and fix my problem again. I told you I can be very forgiving and patient.

I hate it when I have bad dreams, sometimes my dreams are true, actually most of the times it tells me something is going on, I hope not, argh… I think I am heading for the PMS mode soon.

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