PMS mode!

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PMS mode!

What is PMS?

Pissy Mood Syndrome (Pissy Mode Syndrome)

Yup! That is me today, the full moon effect on me (add to that my annoyance with my server). It’s just two things, either I’m very high spirited or very low as in pissy mode. If anyone want to make a fight as in scream off your lungs fight with me, today is your lucky day!

Good thing, I was away from the PC all day and just watched the Kyle XY marathon on TV. Interesting TV series kinda like the (damn forgot the name of the show). Any who, Kyle XY was about a teen-age who was found wandering into the woods naked without a memory of his past. Some nice family adopted him, the mother is a psychologist trying to help this boy remember his past. His search for his past unlocked more questions that lead him to discovery about his true being, that he is a scientific experiment, a subject, created inside a capsule to be a super human being, with a pure heart with a mission to save the world. But of course on his journey to finding his identity are more secrets.

Very interesting and I love the narrations.

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