It Pays to be grumpy, sometimes

Yeah I know that sounds awful, but well ironically it’s so true. Remember when I had a nervous breakdown at the agent who called me yesterday about my internet problems. My hysterical episode and the withdrawal symptom I exhibited because of my server’s unreliability and their agent’s laziness and me unable to blog? Well, they came here today and I am still keeping my fingers crossed (but not at the moment coz I’m typing away) that my server won’t let me down again. They fixed the entire problem and my speed is back to 100mbps. Yipee!

My hunny was grumpy yesterday too. It worked for him because he got a sweet send off to work. 😀

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  1. yay your internet works!!

    i think the internet is our crack =)

    “sweet send off” explain 😉 [giggles]

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