The Blogs Award Challenge

Like I’ve said a million times, I blog as a hobby, it is something I do to pass time by, and to practice my love for writing and create stuffs with pictures and words and tools. Anything else beyond that would be a bonus.

When I joined the Blog Catalog in March 13 and was overwhelmed browsing blogs I never knew existed I was shocked and excited at the same time. New things excites me, and as soon as I found out that there can be money made from blogging, I said why not try, there’s nothing to lose really since I’ve been blogging everyday of my life for almost two years now, for free (but in a different blogging host).

Now about this blogger awards, I bumped into it while browsing Ms. Pink Biik’s blog, the winner will win an I-pod shuffle and their aim is to reward and distinguish “great writing” in the clutter of cyberspace.

Winning an I-pod will be cool, but honestly it’s just an icing on the cake, what I really want, and the greater reward joining in this challenge is to build network and be read all-over the world and have millions (lol!) of people suffering from what they read from me!

I couldn’t describe the challenge better than the organizers so I just quote their description: “The Blog Awards Challenge is a blog competition combining literary skills, interactivity and peer polling. The Blog Awards Challenge is bi-weekly theme-based writing event for everyone in the blogosphere. A challenge is posted in the site every two weeks. Bloggers who wish to compete will write about the theme and post the entry in their respective blogs. A panel of regular and revolving set of guest judges will select the ten best entries out of the submissions. The ten finalists will be posted in the Blog Awards Challenge website and is open for polling by readers. The winner of the poll will automatically become The Readers Choice Award and the points will contribute in the overall tally for judging to determine the Challenge Winner.”

I completely forgot what I was to write. But I know it was about American Idol. Oh ok, I remember now, my fearless forecast. I think in all honesty that David Cook deserves to win the title for the 7th Season of American Idol. He has been consistent in all his performance; he shows his talent, flexibility and originality. I’m liking Brooke White more and more as the show progresses, probably she will make it to the top 5 with Claire (damn what’s her last name? the English girl with a lovely tattoo on her right arm), David Archuletta seems to be the judges favorite and maybe Ramielle Malubay owing it to the millions of Filipino all-over the world voting for her. That, my friends, is my personal opinion and forecast. Go do your own predictions.

(UPDATE: Waaaaaaaaaah! Ramielle bid bye bye. Jeez that Kristy should be long gone jeeeeeez she’s always at the bottom 3 every single episode! or was it a ploy!)


  1. Wow! Thank you so much! I will inform you later where to put those entrecard credits, something wrong my my entrecard 😀 Thank you! 🙂

  2. you won 100 credits from my site’s contest!

    please send an email to safarisogood[at]gmail[dot]com containing info on how/where i can send your entrecard cedits =]

    thanks again for joining!

  3. hi ian thanks for dropping by I went there already and posted my link haha

  4. hi there!

    i’m running a parallel contest for the launch of The Blog Awards Challenge (TBAC)-

    kindly leave a comment containing your blog entry about TBAC
    here to get a chance to win 500 entrecard credits.


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