Cheaters Are Losers!

It used to be the road less travelled, so I thought, or was it the road secretly travelled. Now, it seemed to be the way of the world and it’s sad. Left and right I hear stories told and written about cheating husbands, boyfriends, wives and girlfriends. One of them is this story Politicians and Infidelity (an example given was the New York governor who resigned and admitted his infidelity). I also saw another story about cheating and infidelity from Yahoo news but I don’t have the link now.

It used to be that it was the men who usually cheats, their macho ways, to one-up their male buddies, score as many as they can while keeping a wife at home. Evolution then thought us women of revenge and so adopted the same. It’s an eye for an eye, what men can do women can do better and so women now cheats too.

It’s like the law of supply and demand. The male scumbags, starting at an age they explore their sexuality finds a mate, either a prostitute or be their girlfriends’ first time. Then throw their girlfriend in the trash after doing her, or explore some more with her, but then again explore some more with other girls. The girlfriend, angry, bitter, worrisome, anxious and even scared either turns to a man-hater or man-eater. Have as many men or boys as she can, therefore being called a slut, whore, tramp by the male species.

The cheating culture is actually the men’s fault, I believe. All because they let their other head rule over the head above their shoulders and let their biology dictate to them their animalistic behavior and act like dogs and pigs.

You are not a slave to your biology. You always have free will and the choice to stop this. But why instead of behaving like humans you choose to behave like animals and think with your penis rather than your brains or more importantly your heart?

Why in the world men act like dogs? Why men cheat? Why can’t they get satisfied with just one woman in their life? The woman they committed their love (but not their penis?)

Being cheated on is the hardest thing to be encountered by anyone, men or women. I think I clearly described how it feels to be cheated on by a post in my 360 March last year, here’s the excerpts from that post:

“If he do or he does I would be really hurt to know that my man cheats on me. I would feel really devastated and wounded like my life has been taken away from me. I could shed tears a day or two or more. Get myself drunk to numb myself from the throbbing pain like a dagger in my heart. It will really hurt me a lot and I would instantly think of leaving him because he has lost my trust and all my expectations of him. I would like to leave him, honestly. But since I love him so much, I would just have to forgive him and swallow the bitter pill that will haunt me a lifetime because forgiving doesn’t necessary mean forgetting.” I answered with all sincerity and seriousness.

I shut them up for a few minutes. Just to break the ice they come back with a joke saying “If your boyfriend cheats on you we will help you get back with your revenge, we are all here for you ready when you are, just holler and we will give him what is due him.”

So I told them, with all my bitterness, “So when your wives discovered what you are doing while you are away it will be alright for you if they would cheat back on you as payback for what you did?

“No way! That’s a different story,” They all reacted violently. Of course that’s the double-standard scum bags male chauvinistic pigs reacting!

The offender or offended, being cheated or the cheater, I wish you change your ways before it’s too late and you lose something good staring at your face already. This politician guy saying he’s coming clean, you coming clean doesn’t make you clean or any better for that matter. And for the ever forgiving wife, I admire you and I hope you wake up one day to realize what a scum you have, leave as soon as you can, once a cheater always a cheater, he’d be too old and useless maybe with disease even before he realize he is a sore loser. It’s sad we tolerate this culture, turning a blind eye. If we don’t stop it then it just gets worst.

The cheated can be the cheater too and this world will be uglier than ever.When the cheated becomes the cheater, I wonder what thoughts be running on your mind right now, imagine what he/she could be doing? A very ugly thought, isn’t it?

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