About Neglect, Jerks and B with itches

Ignoring a problem, or an issue, or a person, doesn’t make them go away. Ignoring a problem or issue makes the problem or issue much bigger than it really is because instead of resolving it immediately you keep it hanging. Ignoring a person doesn’t make them go away but it makes them resent you more. If you have an issue you have to resolve it or at least talk about it right away than just let it brew some more. Our mind is like a playground, even the dumbest person has imagination and once the mind races, and it can lead to more ugly things. Resolving an issue and talking to a person instead of ignoring them will give it a peace of mind and you can just move along and do your thing.

What makes a guy a jerk?

I’ve seen a similar thread on the Blog Catalog forum where a guy asked “Why do women love jerks?” Then different replies, some hilarious, some will actually make you think because they do make sense. I have a question though because we women all have the same definition of how a guy turns into jerk, we clearly have in mind what a jerk is and I agree to one reply saying your guy won’t turn into a jerk until you actually leave the jerk. As long as you are together the guy will remain nice until you are fed up with all his uncaring ways and actually notice his jerk-like attitude to make you leave the guy ergo the guy turns to a jerk.

Now my pressing question is, how do men describe a jerk?

And then of course just to add more things to think about, men jerk around, be asses with their male buddies, act dog-like and honk their horns when a hot girl comes across, they drool over the hot ass, nice boobs and the entire womanly feature they act like dogs for.

Then they leave or keep their woman, wife, girlfriend, and partner, at home, waiting and wondering where they are what they do. They go home and expect their woman waiting patiently for them, cook their meals, stay pretty for them and spread eagle when they want some.

So, does that qualify as men’s idea of a good wife?

They call the women who dress nicely, showing cleavage and body hugging tight clothes, making every guy drool over their bodacious body. Men love looking at these “things”, but when they can’t get their hands on her they call her a h*oar, t*ramp, s*kanky, naughty, bad and b with itches. They love these girls I mean they sneak away from their wife, girlfriends, and partners, just to snag and score one.

People put on mask to hide the real them so, what mask are you wearing now?

Hah! I’m just ranting away again. Have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “About Neglect, Jerks and B with itches

  1. Yeah Pie, really scary, like they turn into two different person and no matter how they try to convince us what they do when they’re out in a boys night out is pure and clean fun… it’s so hard to believe because how they act and behave with their peers is totally different when they are with you… and they have to go with the flow…

  2. Have you noticed how men turned to jerks when they’re with other men?

    Usually, you’d meet a guy and you talk to him and he could be the kindest and most amiable soul you’d meet but join with him other men and he turns to this jerk that talks of boobs and asses. 🙂

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