Gays:Please Don’t Rain On Mama Mary’s Parade!

Before I get hate mails or comments I would like to stress that I have nothing against gays. I love them. I have lots of gay friends, they are fun to be with, bubbly and very creative people.

But the thing about them joining Santacruzan/ Sagala is something I am also against. I support what the Catholic Bischop Conference said that they shouldn’t join this religious parade because they are besmirching the core of the procession.

It’s not about the fancy dress, the spotlight and parade of beauties as what most would think.I believe most Filipino girls dream of joining a Santacruzan/ Sagala. More so be the Reyna Elena, Reyna Emperatriz, Reyna Flores and all the other Queens parading in this procession.

Yeah they may look posh and it looks so glamorous. Like a parade of beauties. Being invited to parade in one is a real privilege because it means they think you are an epitome of beauty, charm and grace and good morals.

But with all it’s glam, Santacruzan, is a not a parade of beauties it is a procession in praise of the Virgin Mary and the journey in finding and putting up the first Christian Cross in the country (if my memory serves me right with the history of this procession). It’s a sacrilege, a religious practice. It’s for Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, the purest of all pure, not just a saint.

If the Catholic Church condemns what they did by making their own Santacruzan, carrying cross and saints as they parade, I understand.

The gay community already has a lot of Gay Beauty Pageants that they can join and do a parade of their own, but I think they should not use Santa Cruzan or Flores de Mayo. Let’s respect each other’s religious practices and know our borders. Gay parading in a religious procession for Virgin Mary is pure slander. Know your limits, everyone has limits, we should respect the borders. I hope they understand why devout Christians and Catholics oppose of what they did.

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  1. Haha Ambrosia

    See the Santacruzan in history is a religious procession/ parade, the journey of Queens of Spain to the Holy Cross (something like that) and it’s a religious event dedicated in worship of the Virgin Mary.

    Yeah the gay men want to pose as the Queens in this parade. This is not a beauty pageant but a religious Christian/Catholic practice.

    Gay man SHOULD NOT and IS NOT allowed to join in this religious event and pose as women saints and queens because simply put they are gays and not women. They should respect religion as the church respects their existence and not stone them to death or something to that effect.

    They are besmirching the essence of this religious event it’s for the Virgin Mary a WOMAN IN ALL ASPECTS, the Holiest Women. Gay to parade in this religious event is blasphemous.

    Wow I sound bitter but they should understand that Flores de Mayo and Santacruzan is not just another beauty pageant or parade of beauties, they should respect the essence of this sacrilige.

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