Manila Airport Woes

I wish the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is as pretty and glamorous as the Hong Kong International Airport. I pity our airport really. The international flight departure area is a sorry thing to see. It looks like a bus terminal and our government is so thick skinned to ask for terminal fee!

I wish they didn’t let the NAIA Terminal 3 rot. Goodness billions of pesos were wasted in that beautiful project supposedly to make the Philippine International airport in Manila at par with the other airports around the world. Now it’s rotting, roofs collapsing and employees of the company that built it hang in the balance and are warned of getting laid off! What kind of government we have. They should have used that terminal and gain something, but instead they let it deteriorate and suffer with the interest that comes along from the loan to build it, all because they couldn’t get their kickbacks. Idiots!

The taxi’s servicing in the airport is abusive too. They have this mindset that if you came from the airport you have with you loads of money so they can just charge you like you are already buying their cab. It’s an embarrassment to our country because I hear lots complain about this but the cab drivers are too thick skinned already.

OMG! Did I tell you, there are some airport police officers (very young and new to their post) that were suspended for stealing a box of dried mangoes? It’s a shame really, I mean wow, and they were willing to lose their job for a box of dried mangoes! How low can they be? But sadly, it was learned that it wasn’t just a box of dried mango that they have stolen instead of returning it to the rightful owner or surrender it to the left baggage counter in the airport. A search in their office yield lots of empty boxes, with names of the owners on it. Empty boxes, where the empty box of the dried mango they recently stole was found.

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  1. People in our country think first of survival these days so they do these things… like our government they think of kickbacks first before doing what they have to do… it’s sad really.

  2. Oh man the taxi drivers are just horrible. Crookks!

    WTH?? For a box of dried mangoes?
    I am sure he’s values teacher must be very ashamed if she/he heard about this.

    Why? I don’t understand why they do this petty things.Sometimes I wonder are there any good law enforcers left?

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