Skrull Empire Strikes Philippines Through President Arroyo

Our presidents’ ever growing bad reputation, she was now described as a Skrull in Marvel comic. That’s her (the short haired woman with an annoying grin and a mole on the upper lip.)

Yeah, yeah I know, I am plunging in to this funny publicity about our ever dearest President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo being featured in the latest issue of Marvel comics Secret Invasion.

She was said to be a member of the Skrull Empire in that issue together with the other similarly controversial personalities like:

Hillary Clinton
Tony Stark
Osama Bin Laden
Chris Rock
Paris Hilton (
Oprah Winfrey
Dalai Lama
Richard Dawkins
Reed Richards
Pope Benedict XVI
Magneto of X-men
John McCain
President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
Dr. Doom
Barack Obama
Tom Cruise
Kim Jong Il
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Eric Cartman (of Southpark)

A skrull by the way is a shape-shifter from another planet whose main agenda is to conquer Earth.

So, you think it all make sense now? All her erratic and shameless behaviour?

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  1. Yup booooooooooo to her really but ain’t this funny lol PGMA a skrull. LMAO!

    Thanks gurl, I did had a very busy weekend with the remodelling of our house being done.

  2. awwwwssss, as in boooooo! to who? boooo to her, LOL!
    have a great weekend, gurl! haayyyy annoying politicians as always:(

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