PDAs and Public Decorum

Is it that:

1. I am too conservative.
2. I am getting old.
3. I am envious.
4. It’s downright unethical.

I am not talking about the personal digital assistant (PDA) high tech thingies that I would like to have. I am talking about the public display of affection of some couples that makes me raise my eyebrows and scream to the top of my lungs and say “GET A ROOM WILL YA!”

Its not that I am against romance, I am actually a sucker for romance. But there is a thin line between being sweet and the PDA that grosses out some people if not feel violated to see such.

I mean, there are things that couples can do in public that is acceptable or tolerable like hold hands, embrace, smack and light smooching. But if you do the super torrid lips-to-lips with tongue and some groping (my God!) in front of so many people hello, get a room please! If you are not ashamed of showing how “hot” you are for your partner well some of the people around you who see you do this feel awkward.

Do I sound like a bitter old maid, envious of couples being showy about their feelings towards their partners? Hmmmm… maybe I do sound like it but well there’s this thing we called public decorum or else we can sue them and have them arrested for public scandal (hahahaha! I won’t go overboard and do that actually but if I must at some point I might, don’t you dare me to!).

If you are particular with the law you can do lots of things and sue lots of people for violating unpopular laws like smoking in public. Smoking in public is illegal (per Clean Air Act) so you have the right to do a civil arrest, and put to jail those inconsiderate people polluting the air you breathe in public, this will be a good way to teach them a lesson (I can be mean!)

However, PDA in some country is normal, especially in Europe. In that case “GO TO EUROPE!” if you want to freely showcase how sizzling you and your partner are towards each other.

But, like I said, we shouldn’t be told, we already know how to behave in front of other people, its common sense (but this was said to be common at all.) If you feel a burning sensation for your partner, I suggest you go somewhere private ok? Unless you are a Hollywood superstar, (because it makes a good publicity stint) you can go out and mess around and they will love you.

You might be wondering why did the hell I write about this? Well, I don’t think I’m getting old fashioned but some people just don’t have the decency anymore. They just can’t see how other people around them are embarrassed by their show. If looks could kill they probably are on the headlines by tomorrow.

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  1. Salamat Mhyles, dalaw lang anytime kung kailangan ng tulong message me lang. 🙂

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