I Don’t Want A Prince Charming

I posted this picture in my 360 blog (inactive now) and I got a comment about it that goes something like this: “Are you Sleeping Beauty or Snow White?”

Well, you can look at it as the Filipina version of them because I guess when Hans Christian Robertson and Walt Disney wrote the story they have in mind a Caucasian female with all it’s physical features.

Women, particularly girls in pre-historic time (because I believe it’s different at this day and age) were made to await the arrival of their knight and shining armor, Prince Charming, to sweep them off their feet, claim them, and live happily ever after.

I could see modern, independent women protesting at that statement, smirking, tapping their fingers or pens on their desk, how I dare admit to this trait they banished ages ago. Let’s all be realistic here, even if us women initiate on the dating scene in the end we would still wait for the men to do his part retaliating, like asking our hand in marriage or someone responsible enough to cater and fulfill our needs, wants and desires.

But wait, they are all waiting for one guy, especially the women in the Fairy Tales, Prince Charming! What a scum! Don’t you realize? All the leading ladies, the princesses, in the fairy tale were made to wait for their Prince Charming not knowing Prince Charming took so long coming to her because he was busy being the knight of another princess. Imagine, there is only one Prince Charming for Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Rapunzel.

I imagine when Cinderella left her shoes in Prince Charming’s castle where he sent for his men to look for the right feet to fit the shoes he was on her way to the seven dwarfs’ home and passed by a “sleeping” Snow White. The dwarfs were stooped or too small to un-choke Snow White of the apple she ate that made her unconscious. Prince Charming was strong and well charmingly cunning. I think after kissing her he gave her a nice tight squeeze that eventually released the piece of apple stuck on her throat.

After that he passed by a tower where Rapunzel was. Rapunzel laid down her hair to get the Prince Charmings attention. He went up and they talked Charming said he will be back he went down again. How stupid Rapunzel was when she could just tie the end of her hair to a bed post and rappel down and cut her hair after reaching the ground or close to the ground. It was stupid for her to be waiting that long for Prince Charming to save her when she can do it on her own. Charming was on his way to get Sleeping Beauty give her a kiss to awaken her stupidity too.

Women were made to wait, while men were made to go around and find as many girls as they can. Ugh. I sound so bitter don’t I? Waiting for my true loves first kiss for 100 years I’m a hopeless romantic and yeah could be told be everyone that I’m stoopid waiting for Prince Charming to come and claim me. Will he ever come? That is a question floating here and there? When? I don’t know, maybe when I’m already old and gray. Singing like sleeping beauty to the tune of Someday My Prince Will Come.

But wait! I don’t want a Prince Charming! He is such a scum. I would rather have a vampire like Lestat to love me and only me than Prince Charming who goes around. I don’t want a fairy tale; I just want life full of love and happiness, faithfulness and honesty. Am I asking too much?

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  1. Earth, when I was younger, I had Prince Charming…He was just as real as the Disney character princes, and just like the Disney princes. He looked good, had no real job, lived with his parents, and rode around on horses singing songs chasing fair maidens. Last I heard, over 20 years later, he was doing the same thing. Just can’t get up on the horse anymore (smile). Glad I didn’t marry him. Don’t worry, one day your real prince will come…(Just don’t go looking for him) – Nards

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