Of Spa’s and Massage Parlor

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Of Spa’s and Massage Parlor

I’m so glad that spa’s are very common and affordable here in the Philippines. One of my earthly vice is having a foot spa and from time to time treat my self with a whole body massage with body scrub and a sauna bath.

Having a massage here in the Philippines is very accessible and affordable. Just a week ago I had a home service massage because my back is killing me, it felt great. It’s funny though that in the western world having a home service massage is associated with an escort service or something else — paid sexual service.

Correct me if I am wrong but in the western world, having a relaxing whole body massage or a foot spa or just back massage in a decent massage parlor is associated with the extra sexual service, which is not so true out here.

Well, I think it was true long time ago when spa wasn’t a word yet more so a noun that describes a place for relaxation and pampering or treating yourself as a queen or a king for a day, in a decent manner without the hanky-panky.

Probably that was the reason why they invented the word spa and didn’t use the term massage parlor because of its negative connotation.

Or maybe because the spa is for women and massage parlors are for men; because their meaning of “being treated as a queen or king for a day” and “relaxation and pampering” is also different. Hmmmm…

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One thought on “Of Spa’s and Massage Parlor

  1. We have both kinds in this country. There are those that advertise their services in the small advertisements of the newspapers (these any normal person should avoid like tha plague). And then there are the decent spas that men and woman can go to, without the “extras”.
    I give them all a miss – correction we have a foot spa at home – that is bliss.

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