U.S. Immigration Information for Filipino-Foreigner Couples

The grass always looks greener on the other side.

Most of the Filipa bloggers I met here are married to or have a foreign boyfriend/fiance particularly to an American.

Some are already there in the U.S. living with their spouses, while some are still here in the country waiting for their Visa’s to get approved.

I bumped in to this website, ASAWA-SPOUSE, it is actually
a forum for all Filipino-Foreign/Filipino-Filipino couples around the world to share their experiences most especially in getting their Visa’s approved and their journey (ups and downs) to achieving and living the American life.

The forum group moderator is Kaila&Maila their scree name/handle, in the forum whom I assume is a couple from Leeward Oahu, Hawaii. Other moderators include Ghie Gotke, I assume from their information one is here in the Philippines, Quezon City to be exact while the other is in Denmark.

Another moderator is Helen from California, Mark&jhoy from Southwest, Florida, MJ from New Jersey all in U.S., and Moccalyn from Manila, Philippines.

I find the Immigration information very useful especially those who want to know how they can work on achieving the U.S. Visa (Fiance Visa K-1, Spousal Visa CR/IR, K-3 Visa, etc) and all other requirements including expenses and experiences are all laid out and have their own thread dedicated for each topic. It was a section in the forum that is moderated by a certain RayB from Sacramento California.

Another section I find interesting was the Living, Moving and Retiring in the Philippines. It appears most of those Filipino married to American plan to retire here in the country after earning enough money in the U.S.A.

There are so many useful section and threads in the forum and I think it’s really a good place to discuss U.S. immigration concerns in here since most of the member in the forum, composed of 515 registered users, are experienced already with the processes and have been there and done that.

If you have any question in mind regarding immigrating to the U.S. or how to get that Visa approved I think Asawa-Spouse Forum is the right place to be.

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