Do I have To Kiss Toads?

“Should one be looking for one’s soul mate? The answer is no. Soul mates will meet when it’s time for them to meet. And once they do, no force on earth can ever separate them. They will recognize each other and there will be no guilt feelings in the relationship.”

“Their relationship will encompass the totality of their being and their soul will expand and will be uplifted to heaven. Their happiness in each other’s arms will know no bounds. And they will just live happily forever, just like in the fairy tales.”

“Unfortunately, one has to kiss a lot of toads before the sleeping princess meets her prince charming.” Jaime Licauco wrote on his column promoting his upcoming seminar/workshop on “Soulmates, Karma and Reincarnation” I plan to attend.

I knew it, there is always a catch. But do I really have to kiss toads? I don’t want a prince charming anyway he got lots of girls, I just one someone who will be true to every word he say and never ever hurt me in any other way.

Besides what if I don’t find a prince and just get toads and worst warts! EEEEEEEEEEEEK!

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  1. An aleatory act or thought is always a reason for getting hurt. Good you understand where I’m coming from and thanks for bringing Rob’s words in here. Haul some more and lets exercise using them 🙂

  2. I understand what you are saying – but I think we all end up hurting each other occassionally – even if it is an aleatory act. (One of Rob’s words) 😛

  3. Yeah ain’t if a funny situation these fairy tales want girls all over the world to learn. Kiss toads. YUCK!

    I agree Catherine prayer is the best answer, he will give you who is best for you and I’m glad you found yours.

  4. Funny! Anyway I believe that to look for the best soul mate is by praying and surrender to God. He is much more wiser than us. He knows who is the best suit us than ourselves. Don’t you think we just care about how people looks (handsome) but God looks into their hearts. I’m glad God had chosen one very best for me!

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