Why Is Behavior Modification Important For Children With Autism Is Important

Compared to the first day of the seminar, I no longer feel isolated, hopeless and not as confused as I was as the Parent Orientation for Parents with Autistic Children concluded today.

I left the seminar hopeful and enthusiastic because we were empowered with the proper tools and technique in regard to teaching our child with autism.

The seminar was spearheaded by the Center for Autism and Related Disability (CARD) Philippines. I highly recommend any parent and child carer to attend one.

The Phase 1 Parent Orientation had given at a very good scope about autism and we left with an assignment to tap one of the triads of impairment (communication, adaptability and socialization) that characterize autism.

The Phase 2 focused on Teaching Your Child with Autism, A Step by Step procedure. It sounds overwhelming at first but with all the techniques they’ve taught us, it is very doable and all we need is patience, perseverance and consistency as a parent, child carer or adult assistant in implementing your program.

I definitely agree that if your child has learning difficulties, whether they are autistic, delayed, attention deficit or any other learning disorder, we should focus on the child’s survival skills instead of the academics.

Before I attended this seminar what I wanted was for my child to learn the basic; alphabet and counting. I mean who doesn’t want to brag about their child who can perform and recite the alphabet and count 1-100 and be able to label all the things that surround her.

But now my aim is different because my head was cleared and I have a real goal. I am no longer confused and I now accept that my child is different, differently gifted.

My aim, like all parents who attended this seminar is simple, behavior modification or to manage their inappropriate behavior and make it appropriate or socially acceptable.

I don’t want my child or me to be kicked out of a plane because I can’t control my child’s tantrums or because my child can’t communicate what she needs. We already know the sad truth that no matter how we tell the world that our child is different, they will not really understand them unless they are on the same boat as we parents who have one. We can’t ask the world to be considerate of our kids all the time. And since we are the more understanding people and we don’t want to risk our child to experience the same kind of treatment we have to intervene and do behavior modification as soon as possible for our child to survive.

Honestly, who should understand who more, the autistic child and the parent having so much grief already or those passengers and by standers watching at a safe distance being slightly disturbed by their inappropriate behavior? (Reactions to the incident of an autistic child and his mom being kicked out of an American Airline here)

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