How To Invite Good Luck This 2009

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How To Invite Good Luck This 2009

Do you want to invite good luck into your life this 2009? Well here are some “rituals” you can do:

  • Instead of the traditional 12 fruits on the dining table, place 12 heads of garlic on the fruit basket.
  • Aside from the garlic, the fruit basket must contain a pineapple and orange.
  • Good luck will come your way if you give red envelopes or angpao with money that should contain at least an amount that has 9 on it to those who will visit your house on New Years day. The receiver should not spend the amount inside the red envelope for at least 3 months after receiving it to keep the good luck.
  • On a white envelope place 9 denominations and keep on your purse.
  • Lucky color for this year is red, yellow and green, wear any of this colors to welcome the new year. If you are bold enough wear all the colors.
  • As usual don’t forget to hang 12 grapes by the doorway.
  • Light all lights in the house, even the smallest one by 12 mn.
  • Open all doors and windows and make sure there are no obstructions on the main door and all doors are kept clean.
  • Don’t forget to make noises turn on the radio, TV or anything that could make noise to drive away the evil spirits.
  • Write your wishes for 2009 on a piece of paper and post it on your bedroom wall.
  • Make sure that your rice dispenser or wherever you keep your rice is full.
  • Do a general cleaning to greet the new year with a clean home.
But as usual these are just “superstitions” not following all or some of the above steps does not mean you will have bad luck all year long. However, like I always believe it won’t hurt to do them anyway.

Have a Happy New Year folks! God Bless!

If you have any other tips, superstitions and rituals you do welcoming the New Year do share.

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