They Agree, I am Cool and Fabulous!

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They Agree, I am Cool and Fabulous!

Still as busy as a bee, my daughter’s 7th birthday party is 3 days away. Almost everything is ready and I will tell you all about how to plan, organize and execute a successful 7th birthday party for your daughter (which I had no idea that it was just like a debutante’s party) even if you only have 7 days to prepare! Finding the best bargain in party supplies and party suppliers!

But since I am a blog addict I still have time to sit down and write a post for this blog and accept blogging appreciations from my blogging friends around the world.

I dig this Your blog is fabulous award badge, except I wish that was a cat since I am a cat person. Thank you Cris!
According to the rules I should list down five addictions I have then pass this on to five others .
My five addictions:

  1. blogging
  2. shopping
  3. taking pictures especially of my daughter
  4. having my picture taken (I’m not just fabulous I am also vain! hahahaha!)
  5. attending awesome, funtabulous events where I get to meet new friends or see old friends

I’m passing this award to Casdok, Wifelysteps, Mama of Romance, Dani, and The MakeUp Diva

…and then this cute butterfly award for being the “coolest blog I ever know” from EvolveEver because I helped out a blogger who was down under dumps, in response to his post back in November 08.
Rules said to:
a) Put the logo on your blog
b) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
c) Link 10 other bloggers of whom you want to give this award to.

I am passing this award to: Iva, Chuvaness, Aimster, Aerin, Sweetytots, Casdok, Wifelysteps, Mama of Romance, Dani, and The MakeUp Diva.

Phew! Since I’ve read most has financial freedom or to get through the financial crisis I am also recommending my blogging friends to try this one out to

cushion the blow.
I am a storyteller. Enabler. Fashion, Beauty, Travel and Lifestyle Blogger. An advocate of autism awareness, women's and children's rights and the environment. A single parent of a person with autism. A former Journalist. I am not an expert I am experienced. I do what I love no regrets. If you need anything email me at : earthlingorgeous (@)

12 thoughts on “They Agree, I am Cool and Fabulous!

  1. yeah sure… send me the pics, ako bahala sa graphics. 🙂 ikaw na printing ha. mwahahahaa. thanks again. 🙂

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