First PMS of the Year

I’m sure you’ve been warned. It’s all there at my sidebar and well if you have been an avid reader who read through my blog since I started you all know this blog is all about the PMSing me. The Holiday’s spirit just got me couple months that’s why you haven’t heard much of complaints and snotty observations here.

Well now that the Holidays are over except for one major occasion three days from now, I am PMSing today and I am fed-up and annoyed too easily today so you better watch out and thread lightly or else (read that scrolling text at my sidebar!).

  • I am very much fed-up and annoyed big time by my very picky, nagger mom! Everything about her just irks me and I just want to be away from her or expect a crazy loud-mouth-biatch me talking back! Yeah, I can get that ugly!
  • You, yes you I am getting tired about this entire situation. I don’t think we will get where we wanted to be maybe we should be realistic about it and accept whatever we’ve been denying for so long.
  • Nothing comes for free, if you want something you should give something in return. It’s common sense, but of course for someone who is thick-skinned they don’t care about this all they want is to be on the receiving end and never giving. If you want it come and get it, you’ve been spoon-fed too long. Grow-up!

Abie, thanks for this friendship award sidetracked my head from other complaints I had a couple seconds ago. I’ll pass it on later when I’m off the tomato boat.

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  1. “parang ako ikaw” thats so true, ako din I am so irritated with my father since Im a little child, I really dont like his attitude, but Im afraid I turned out exactly like him… hay.. buhay

  2. siguro dapat may blog rin si mama. ano kaya sasabihin niya about you?


  3. oh wow! this place looks sooo cool! girl, u may want to comment on my new article on filipino nurses. thanks! 🙂

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