Fab Info: Autism Is Extreme Male Characteristics

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Fab Info: Autism Is Extreme Male Characteristics

Thousands of research experts are trying to do their best to make sense about autism and find its root cause.  They are still clueless although they can somehow link it with genes and the brains hardwiring.

Dr. Rita Jordan during the Good Autism Practice conference here in Manila last January, she is an expert who has been studying autism for three decades , gave an interesting insight about the characteristic of autism has being an extreme form of maleness.

It’s  a known fact that there are more males than females who got autism.  Males are more systemic than emphatic and that is what having autism mostly is.

Observing a person with autism you will find that they want to do things in order, have a systematic approach of everything and they do things one  thing at a time.  They are not much on the feeling and are not that expressive of their emotions because they don’t understand such.

Simon Baron-Chohen made this study about “fetal androgen theory” who was the first to conclude that autism is an exaggeration  of the normal differences between males and females mainly because of the high level of male sex hormones in the womb during their conception.

Such high levels could result into 1) poor eye contact, 2) poor social relationships and 3) lack of empathy.

Read more about the Baron-Cohen model.

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