GAP Conference Developing A Curriculum For Life

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GAP Conference Developing A Curriculum For Life

The past three days has been another eye-opener for me. I attended the 3 day Good Autism Practice (Developing A Curriculum For Life) Conference held at the Every Nation Institute Bonifacio Global City that ended today where I earned my certificate as a GAP attendee and practitioner. Congratulations to CARD Philippines for making this event possible and thanks to GMA Network QTV Channel 11, Jollibee, Chowking and Tokyo Tokyo for feeding us 🙂 Thanks to the Bonifacio Global City bus service providing our transport and most especially for my sister, mother and daughter for making it possible for me to attend without worries.
I was happy to have attended such as I’ve learned a lot from experts like Professor Rita Jordan, OBE who is an Emeritus Professor in Autism Studies and has contributed a lot about the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) over the past couple decades.

Among the broader topics touched were:

1) Biological Mechanism of Autism and Implications for Practice
2) Children Across The Autistic Spectrum
3) Adolescents Across The Autistic Spectrum
4) Adults Across The Autism Spectrum
5) Asperger Syndrome

I am still full of the new knowledge I’ve learned from the lectures and discussion with the professionals (doctors, psychologist, therapist and teachers) and parents who attended the conference. Now it’s time to practice. I will post more about all the information I’ve gathered in there that can be helpful for all the parents in the world with or without autism in their family. It was amazing to learn about asperger syndrome too as there is a thin line between autism and asperger that some would find it hard to distinguish.

For now I will leave you with these photos:

Professor Rita Jordan giving the lecture

Some parents and students with Prof. Jordan

First day of conference I saw my parent buddies from the first Autism seminar I attended last year Cindy and Cathy. Happy to see some of my support group.

Parent buddies Cathy and Cindy with Enzo (17 y.o. with Asperger Syndrome very impressive boy gave us hope for our children. He was non-verbal until he was 10. Now he talks a lot and very intelligent!)

With Cindy and Cathy. Modeling at the every nation institute how to carry the GAP conference bag in three ways!

Gabby (guy in blue with Asperger diagnosed at 43, launched his comic books Life as A Comic Book and Captain Dodgers. His family didn’t know that he had Asperger since asperger was only known in 1994, imagine the hard times he and his went through trying to figure him out.)

The conference hall was jammed-packed on the first day because some psychology students and teachers were invited to welcome the guest lecturer.

Note: If you have questions about autism, asperger and places for diagnosis please feel free to ask, I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge or refer you to the right sources.

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