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I know you’ve seen this picture before, it was my first Mommy Moments post regarding your child’s first picture but this really qualifies as her first smile on her first day beside me on the hospital bed.
However, I want to share this picture too. This was taken on her first month, she is smiling on her sleep. I was so happy to see her that way that I had to take series of shots of her happy sleep where I was able to capture her first smile while sleeping. (This was again from her first baby photo album).

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  1. Jona

    sarap titigan ng smiles ni baby noh…:D
    thanks sa pagbisita sa blog ko

  2. Twinkie

    Hihi! It took me a while (dami mo blogs, nagbasa-basa pa ako!) before I found your angel’s first smile. And it was worth looking… 😀

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