Fab Event: Piolo Pascual Shares His Hunkable Secret

Piolo Pascual is one of the hottest male stars in Philippine entertainment industry.  He endorses a score of products and is one of the top-billed actor of one of the TV giants in the country, ABS-CBN.

Women of all ages tag him as man of their dreams while men wish to have even a little of what he has.

He was there during the launch of Blue Water Day Spa in Capitol Hills, Diliman, Quezon City and had a few minutes talk with him where he talked about how he pampers himself to achieve his great posture and good looks.
Piolo loves a full body massage and has a masseur ready on the set during his tapings.  A spa treatment particularly a full body massage is something everyone should indulge once in awhile to rejuvenate .

Piolo loves his body and indulge on a 2 hours full whole body massage,.  he also gets his facial at Belo, hit the gym and soak on a tub for 20 minutes.
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