My Tough Fashion Statement

Owning a pair of Tough Jeans is indeed my toughest fashion statement. I’m a jeans person.  I wear it everyday as possible, night and day, work or play, party or just a stroll in the mall.   I think jeans are the most versatile piece of clothing anyone could ever have.  I have all styles and cut but I never had a Tough Jeansmith.  Until my toughest fashion story during the Manila Fashion and Beauty bloggers pave the way for me to own one.

Here is my fabulous, expensive piece of Tough Jeansmith that I will treasure for as long as I can.  That’s the great thing about jeans they are tough and durable and with a Tough Jeansmith I think it can last forever.  Thanks Joy Austria, Manager of Tough Jeans Philippines.

Skinny Black JeansEarthlingorgeous Wearing Tough Jeansmit
I was very specific with the type of cut I want, I want a skinny jeans and so I was presented with these three.  But among them this was the winner.  A black tattered, crumpled, skinny jeans.

Tough choices I love them all!

These were my top 3 skinny jeans choices.  The one on the right hugged my body just right so I got it!

This baby is about P5,000 regular prize but since Tough Trinoma is on sale today  it’s about P3,500.  Great discount right?  Well I got this free so any of the prize just blews me away.

By the way, Tough Jean Trinoma and Shangri-la is having a Mid-Year sale. Selected items on sale for 50% off. Regular costumers get 50% off and a buy one get one free option. This is not a joke!  Hurry take advantage of this sale you only have until April 30, 2009 !

Comfy and Tough :)

Photo courtesy of Omski:)

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