The Truth About Achieving a Platinum Blonde Hair /Icy Blonde Hair

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The Truth About Achieving a Platinum Blonde Hair /Icy Blonde Hair

After 7 hours and three sessions we finally achieved the Icy Blonde Platinum Blonde hair I always wanted!  Yes it’s not an easy process.  To go full fake blonde after being brunette since birth is a long and painful process that needs your entire commitment , patience and a lot of disposable money to burn .


It’s not cheap!

I spent more than Php30,000 to achieve this white hair don’t care look!

Aside from the coloring and bleaching  session from your salon you also have to spend on hair care treatment and masks and purple shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair livelyb even if you already killed it.


Can I get get the Platinum white hair in one visit to a salon?

No! You don’t get  this Platinum hair in one visit/bleach session!

It took me four visits to a salon, one of this visita was a mistake and a horror story. The first two was the preparation to get me to this white hair.

I had four bleaching sessions and coloring/ color toning sessions.


Especially for Filipino hair where our undertones is more of bronze, when we get our hair bleached for the first time it will turn orange.  Second time it will become yellow and the last step is the fragile step to getting to the Platinum/white/icy blonde hair you want .


Is it painful?

My hair stylist said it is painful AF!  Alot of their customer cry in pain because of the hair pulling sensation that you get on your scalp when the bleach is applied.  But I have very high pain tolerance I didn’t cry at all in fact I fell asleep. To me it felt like someone was pulling my hair or a hail massage while having a headache so I feel very sleepy. In fact I fell asleep.


How long does each session take?

With the length of my hair it took me 6-7 hours each session in the salon.  Yes, it’s that long!


If you think you can commit to a Platinum blonde hair and do all of the  things I mentioned above, go and do it! If not then maybe just buy a wig.  Mikki Galang hair has nice wigs they’re all look real!


The Color Bar is located at BGC in Taguig across Mind Museum!


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