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New Construcion Coming Soon

I’m counting the days until we move out of our old home and since nobody has made the sale yet for the old house we will just pursue with renovating it.

The apartment complex will definitely pursue so we can have money coming in when it’s built and not just make the property idle. I’ve met an architect already and they quote me a reasonable price.

If not for the practicality of it we would just build a new home like a rest house if we want a break out of condo living and have the North Carolina New Home Construction build a custom made home for us.

I saw some of their home plans and wow they look great. For now they only build homes in the U.S. and within 50 miles radius on their location but if they build homes here in the Philippines we would hire them, they can make my dream home into reality just like this one:


What’s also nice about them is that you can customize a home floor plan online to suit your taste and they do the whole package from interior to exterior.

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  1. Man, that’s really exciting. I’m just starting on living on my own, renting a condo unit. I’d love to see the day that I actually have my own house! 🙂

    Anyway, let me just thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment at New Media Philippines. Hope you can visit again soon.

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