Track Prank Callers

I input a relatives number in the U.S. to see if this Reserve Phone Detective search by phone number really works and I was given the city and state where the owner phone is located.   I event tried it with my hunny’s number in Canada and it worked. Well, that is not hard to find really because U.S. and Canadian phone services have area codes assigned to each state so that was not surprising to find out.

However, they offer in their full report a detailed information that includes the owners name and full address, the kind of line type used (landline or mobile) and people search result.

Well, that sounds scary if you are a private individual and someone picks your number randomly and they become a stalker.  But for someone who is a victim of prank calls and pesky telemarketers, then they could use this to empower themselves either.  They can use the information to file a harassment case or just simply to block or have that number and user black listed.  Ain’t technology great or what?  I think it’s kinda scary too.

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