Where Do You Fish?

I have a confession to make, I don’t eat much sea foods because I don’t like going to the wet market or the fish market.  I don’t like the smell and the feel.  As the name have it it’s always wet and it’s always smell fishy.  So, when it comes to our fish requirement in our home I let my mom do the fish shopping.

However, since my mom’s right foot is swollen, been for more than a week now, I am compelled to do all the shopping including the trip down the fish market.  Also, since its a Holy Week,  Christian tradition have it that  meat products (pork or beef) is a no no until the Easter Sunday!

Thank God for SM’s Fish Market! They have all the variety of fish or sea food I want without having to go through the sticky icky smelly local wet market.  I still shop in style and inside an air conditioned facility!

Not So Fishy Fish Market at SM Fairview

The price is reasonable just a couple peso higher but you can be assured that the products are fresh.Sliced pineapple and lemons were strategically placed around the fish bins to prevent the fishy smell.  The sellers wore knee-high rubber boots, apron, a plastic apron over, and caps.  You can also ask them to scale and chop your fish for you.

SM Fairview Fish Market

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  1. @ Yami that’s what I don’t like in the common wet market, the mud. Ewwww… me love me feets!

    @ Jan oh yeah I could imagine me doing that and I don’t want people to look at me weird you know. Thank God for SM fish department!

  2. You’re chicken. lol. You should have gone to the real wet market with rubber boots if need be. I can only imagine how you tiptoe about, poking this and that with your gloved hand. hahaha.

  3. Yep, they sure look clean and fresh. I visit Manggahan Market for my seafood supply kaso puro putik paa ko aferwards. 🙂

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