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Congratulations! You are now an owner of a unit in Victoria Station!  That was fun to read but the happy feeling did not last until I was faced with so many housing loan terminology and processing I never heard about before. I should blame my real estate agent for not informing me about these things even before my loan got approved.  It’s easy to get a loan but paying for it will be the difficult one especially when there are hidden charges you did not know about.   I should smack my head for not being that inquisitive about this things but well it’s done.  I’m an owner of a new condo unit. Hoorah!

Anyway, with the housing loan up my sleeves there are so many housing loan terminology I need to understand like equity, real estate taxes,  MRI, upgrading and more.  I feel lost and I do think I need a Credit Counseling  if not a real real estate broker who knows what he/she is doing.  It appears my agent is a newbie and does not know the terms that well. Yuck.  Anyway it’s done what I want to know now is what are my options with regards to shortening my loan term and getting rid of those extra charges.

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