Christmas Wishlist 2016: Things I Need/Want In My Life NOW!

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Christmas Wishlist 2016: Things I Need/Want In My Life NOW!

So, I was browsing my Facebook timeline and found so many different things I think we nee/want in our life.  So many #NewInnovations that I think will make life easier for all of us or in my case my life.  If I could just have them right here right now, that would be awesome!

I don’t want to be selfish so I am sharing my Christmas Wishlist 2016 things I Need/Want in Our Life Now, featuring new innovation products that I don’t know if they are a concept or already available somewhere out there.  If they are available, Dear Santa Claus, I think I’ve been good this year.

The Hover Camera Passport

It does not record sound at the moment but it is light and compact .  This is something I can see myself using instead of those huge ass drones.

The Chef Basket

I saw bad reviews but I want to use it myself and see. But for a cooking enthusiast, or someone who cooks at home all the time, this kind of cooking tool is very much needed and wanted.

Barracuda Smart Collapsible Luggage

I’m not a fan of the hard case luggages. They will make me OC when they get a small scratch or something. This one is something I need for all my travels plus it stores easily which is perfect for small space condos! Design is so fashionable as well aside from being very functional! I want it! Buy it for me here

Mega Tiny Anti-Gravity Case

For someone who takes my photo myself and does vlogs using my phone cam, this will be very much needed and wanted! Buy it here for me please ! Thank you in advanced!

See, I’m not asking much, this is just four (4) things in my list. Make me happy dear Santa Claus, gift it to me! Thank you in advanced!

How about you my loves, do you have your Christmas Wishlist 2016 already?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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