School Of Intermedia, Film And Technology Course Offering

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School Of Intermedia, Film And Technology Course Offering

My niece graduated from High School this June and when she took her College readiness exam employed by the Department of Education (DepEd) her scores were low on the academic subject but she rates high on the art subjects and computers. We were terribly worried about her low scores and my brother (her father) think she can’t be enrolled in a normal University but rather on a vocational school or technical school.

My niece is not the only one who got low grades on academic subject there are millions of them and the need for schools that offer alternative education options in the Philippines is something our educators should push to get to the mainstream. Students learn in different manners, what worked for us before can no longer apply in this generation.

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The One School located at Paseo de Roxas Makati City introduces a six months course starting this June, SHIFT (School of Intermedia, Film & Technology) is a program being pioneered by TeamManila and Quark Henares.

Students of SHIFT will learn how to use all digital formats such as Graphic Design, Web Design, Film and others to create powerful still and moving images. This school aspires to push the envelope and create a venue for renegade visual artists and filmmakers to perfect their craft.

Among the subject being offered this June term are:
1. Art History
2. High Impact Communications
3. Advance Graphic Design
4. Digital Graphic Design
5. Progressive Video Editing
6. Photography
7. Film and Theory Appreciation
8. Intro to Production

TeamManila is the Multi-Disciplinary Graphic Design studio behind the ultra-successful clothing and lifestyle brand, but first and foremost, TeamManila is a graphic design studio that has won acclaim for its design work in print, motion graphics, web development and the digital arts world throughout the years. TeamManila lives to inspire Manila’s Visual Culture, which is also the reason they co-founded SHIFT.

Quark Henares has directed several movies, one of which is KEKA, that opened the Berlin Asian Hotshots Film Festival in 2008 and was also the film that famed Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino spoke so highly of. Entrepreneur and Stanford University Master of Science and Engineering graduate Lex Ledesma rounds off the SHIFT team by bringing his business acumen into the artistic mix so students learn how to create profitable careers out of their raw talent.

What is The One School About?
The one school believes in personal instruction which happens in small classroom environments; where students learn how to speak up, be unique and create whatever learning structure works best for them. All their programs includes strong entrepreneurship focus since the last thing we want to breed are starving artists.  There are many specialized schools at the High School and Grade School levels which cater to the different learning styles that young people have. By College however, most school teach using the same, traditional methods that have been employed for generations.

FOR INQUIRIES contact THE ONE SCHOOL @: 817-43-91 or 817-43-96 or 401-13-89

Sample work of TEAMMANILA can be found at
Sample work of Quark Henares can be viewed at

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