Karyll Replaces Marian Rivera As Blue Water Day Spa Endorser

It’s official, Karyll is now the female endorser of Blue Water Day Spa (BWDS) as a replacement to Marian Rivera.  Although some of the BWDS blogger and media friends already know this we kept mum about it until last night.

The new Blue Water Day Spa endorsers were presented to the media (traditional and new) at C3 Events Venue at Greenhills,  Karyll and Akihiro and Bho replacing their former male endorser Piolo Pascual.  They also launched their “new” website: http://bluewaterdayspa.com  bearing their new endorsers images.


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  1. hindi kita idol noon pero nong nag-kahiwalay KAYO NI DINGDONG DAHIL KAY MARIAN naawa ako sayo….kaya ngayon idol na idol na kita lahat ng show mo pinapanood ko……..god bless……….

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