It’s A Small World After All

Last Sunday, I cracked my head on the floor violently.  It was my cats fault.  They played thief in the kitchen and I didn’t see  the sweet and sour sauce scattered all-over the floor and so I slipped hard and fell on my back.  It was the first time I ever saw me cried buckets of tears literally.  I guess I got so scared that I thought I was to die.  Flashbacks came so fast and I was so scared for my mom and daughter that I will be leaving behind.  I thought about my sister who is overseas and my hunny who is also more than a thousand miles away from me.

Cheap Street Calling Card Canada to PhilippinesThank God to technology making the world  smaller. Now and everyone can get in-touch with each other with just a press of the button and some inexpensive international calling cards.

My sister, when she can’t get hold of me on the net because of the intermittent service my broadband provider gives she would not hesitate to call from Dubai to Manila just so she can hear our voice.  Same goes with my hunny who when I am in my upset PMS moody me he would call from Canada to Philippines so he can make sure that I am alright.

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